Hanami Clothing is based in Kyoto, Japan, making wrap skirts, earrings, pillows, wrap pants, scarves, infinity scarves, and noren (Japanese curtains) out of vintage kimonos, haoris, obis, and kimono/haori fabric bolts.
Hanami Clothing (波並洋服) was born out of a love of fabrics and the vast amount of patterns and types of silks that kimonos come in.
"Hanami" doesn't mean "flower/cherry blossom viewing," as it uses different characters. "波並" basically means "waves waves," and is a very uncommon usage (which we didn't make up), so its meaning is unclear to almost everyone who sees it.
If you will be visiting Kyoto and would like a piece made, please contact us so you can pick it up in person or so you can choose which fabric you'd like to use.
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